Mega II Compact Espresso Machine – Available 110V or 220V

Mega II Compact Espresso Machine

Mega II Compact Automatic

Mega II Compact Espresso Machine – Available 110V or 220V
Mega II Compact Semi-Automatic

Mega II Full Size Espresso Machines
This is a deluxe full size two group espresso machine.  Standard with three steam wands and one hot water tap or two steam wands and two hot water taps.  The perfect choice for busy coffee houses because of its high production capacity of 480 cups per hour.  Available in 220V, Automatic or Semi-automatic.
Extra-large boiler and heating element – best for busy coffee houses.

Mega III Full Size Espresso Machines
The workhorse of the Astra line with 720 cups per hour capacity.  The Mega III is equipped with a standard three steam wands and one hot water valve or two steam wands and two water valves.

Mega III Automatic
Mega III Semi-Automatic

Gourmet Semi-Auto
Pourover (G.S.P.)

Mega II Full Size Automatic
Mega II Full Size Semi-Automatic
Many of the same features of the larger Mega II, except a more compact size. The Mega II Compact has one steam wand and a hot water tap with a capacity of 360 cups per hour.  This machine is designed for businesses with limited space.  Available in 110V or 220V, Automatic and Semi-automatic.

Astra Pro

Astra Pro is manufactured with the same modular, professional, commercial components as the rest of the Astra line, including the same brewing mechanism and thermal circulation.  Over 2.6-litre boiler with 1300 watt heating element in a 100% polished stainless frame makes it extremely easy to enjoy a professional-quality product at home or office.

Astra Automatic Steamer

This Automatic Steamer was developed specifically for the juice and smoothie bar industries.  The Automatic Steamer features a thermocouple, stainless steel steam wand that automatically controls the temperature of the product, which is digitally displayed on the front panel.  The Automatic Steamer is produced with a 7-litre nickel-plated boiler and a 4,800-watt heating element which enables the steamer to continuously produce steam WITHOUT EVER running out!   The Astra Automatic Steamer also features a toggle switch for the manual operation of each steam wand.