Full-size commercial grinders

Full-size commercial grinders

“Grocery store” model.  Grinding thickness is adjusted by micrometre with rotor blade axial slide.  Wide choice of coffee grinding options: Turkish coffee, fine, medium, Moka or coarse.  Flat grinding wheels made of toughened steel with spiral blades

Standard model, automatic or semiautomatic versions. Creep adjustment of grinding with axial movement of the rotor. External positive-displacement adjustment of the dose. Flat or conical grinders, in tempered steel, with helical cutting blades. Control contact-maker for coffee deliveries. Low rotation speed for uniform grain size. Inspired by bio-design concepts. Special versions: Chrome, Gold, with doser lever in die-cast metal.

The Mazzer Super Jolly Auto-Timer’s patented stepless micrometrical grind adjustment allows for precise grind setting. The dosing hopper holds 280 grams of ground coffee. Dosing levels can be adjusted from 5.5 grams to 9 grams. The bean hopper capacity is 2.7 pounds. With its stylish looks and robust all-metal construction, this grinder is superb for any large to high volume commercial espresso operation. Its convenient features include a large hopper, and a timer switch to shut off the grinder after a few minutes – great when you’re busy.

Extremely low blade speed (1400-1600 r.p.m) closely matches the speed of conical burr grinders, maintains uniform granule size and does not burn the beans or alter their aroma.

Platinum burrs remain razor sharp for much longer than those of most other commercial grinders equipped with burrs made of tempered steel.

Grinta: electronic time-set dosing. The coffee is only ground when you want to prepare a cup of coffee. This is the simple yet ingenious action of the Grinta grinder-doser unit. Let us explain by describing what you should do. Take the filter holder, move it under the coffee outlet and push slightly: Grinta will start to grind the coffee dose selected by you. The advantage? All the aroma and flavour of freshly-ground coffee. For this reason, Grinta is ideal for the family, in the office and also in the cafe’, for a decaffeinated cup of coffee. Grinta has a design to match any coffee machine. If you have an Oscar Professional, the match is perfect: a real coordinated style cafe’ corner. With Grinta, your coffee is perfect every time.